Fessenden and son Jack Fessenden release
9-song album under the band name Still Rusty entitled MAD 4EVER.

Recorded in a barn in upstate New York in the last week of January, with Fessenden Sr. on sax and vocals and Fessenden Jr. on drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and tamborine, Mad 4Ever is a hand-hewn hodgepodge of ragged pop tunes with a raging and melancholic hue as befits the times.

Fessenden has recorded with the band Just Desserts since the late 70s and penned a number of songs over the years. Still, he’s pretty rusty. He has also played sax for various projects including The Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Unwanted Houseguest and Holiday.

Jack Fessenden has recorded with the band The Strangers since he was 13 years old and they have released 4 albums as well as a record under the name Holiday. Jack has also recorded with Dino-Boy and Unwanted Houseguest.

Mad 4Ever is now streaming on Bandcamp and will be available as a limited release CD.

Keep an eye out for a music video.