Exclusive art/comments: “RE-ANIMATOR” reunion and more in Glass Eye Pix’s third “TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE” lineup


Filmmaker and Glass Eye Pix topper Larry Fessenden and I SELL THE DEAD creator Glenn McQuaid (pictured) have more sonic nightmares coming in the third season of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE audio dramas, and they gave Fango the scoop about some exciting contributors, plus an exclusive first look at the promo art.

“This new collection is, after a few years of taking our show on the road, a return to the comforts of the studio,” McQuaid tells us (the TALES recorded live at this past summer’s Fantasia festival will be part of the fourth season). “I’m very proud of the results. After five years in the business, the audio format is opening up to us in new ways, and these 10 TALES are a wonderful edition to our crazy canon of stories. They make for a diverse, inventive and, I believe, vital horror anthology.”

One of them sources H.P. Lovecraft, and was created by the team behind the classic features RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND. “Our first show was directed by Stuart Gordon and written by his longtime partner Dennis Paoli,” Fessenden reveals. “It’s a Lovecraft story called ‘The Hound,’ and Barbara Crampton is in it and Richard Band is doing the music.” The eldritch author’s tale concerns graverobbers who steal a magic amulet from an interred body, with grisly consequences, but Fessenden promises there’s a lot more to the TALES version. “The original story is like three pages, and it has been wonderfully embellished. I won’t say much more, except that Barbara’s character shows up with a whip [laughs]. It’s a very rich piece, and Glenn did some spectacular sound design for it. I think you’ll enjoy the creaking of the bed—let’s leave it at that!


“Then we have [THE HITCHER and NEAR DARK screenwriter] Eric Red,” Fessenden continues, “which we’re very excited about. He’s written a crazy one about…well, I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s very special. Brahm Revel, who did all our comic books, has got one, and some old pals are back like James McKenney [of AUTOMATONS and HYPOTHERMIA] and Jeff Buhler, who’s been doing a lot of work out in Hollywood and has done all three seasons of TALES; Glenn, of course, has one, and I do too. The whole lineup is very exciting.” McQuaid adds that genre journalist April Snellings also has a TALE on tap.

There’s new blood involved on the visual side as well. “We have original paintings [including the poster seen above] by Graham Humphreys, who is famous for his British posters for THE EVIL DEAD, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and others,” Fessenden says. “He has an amazing legacy, and it’s very important to TALES that the images be strong. We just can’t wait to release these to the listeners; we’re figuring out our release plan now. There will be, as always, physical media too, because we want to celebrate the possibilities of artful packaging.” Stay tuned for further details, and visit TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE’s official website.

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