From Clark Collis at Entertainment Weekly:

Just how many films is indie-horror director and actor Larry Fessenden involved with this year? The answer is what we in the entertainment-reporting business refer to as “a lot.”

More specifically, Fessenden is releasing his new, bad-business-on-a-boat, terror flick Beneath next month while demonstrating his thespian chops in the much-anticipated home invasion horror-comedy You’re Next (out Aug. 23) and the Sundance-screened, due-out-later-in-the-year We Are What We Are.

Fessenden also appears in the eerie-looking new indie-horror movie Jug Face, whose latest trailer has just hit the web. Directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle and costarring Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, and Sean Young, the film concerns a pregnant teenager in a backwoods community who discovers she might be sacrificed to a creature in a pit.

Jug Face will be available on demand from July 8 and hits cinemas on Aug. 9.

You can check out the trailers to Jug Face, Beneath, and You’re Next below.