An American Satan is produced by Garriga and Carles Torras and is co-produced by Diego Rodriguez and Alf Wahlgren, With the support of ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya) and the collaboration of Glass Eye PIx and Twelve Oaks Pictures.

An American Satan is Garriga’s third documentary feature after American Jesus (2013), an exploration of the fringes of American Christianity, and Introspective (2007), a documentary about the post-rock scene of the ’90s.

Founded in 1966 in California by Anton Szandor LaVey, the Church of Satan has often been surrounded by mysteries, scandals, and moral panics. Some of today’s active members of the church and other free-styled Satanists will share their views, memories, ritual practices, and personal stories about how they got involved with Satanism, discussing the false myths that still surround the movement.

Directed by Garriga who co-wrote the project along with Xavi Prat, the documentary features Peter H. Gilmore, Blanche Barton, Adam Cardone, Diabolus Rex, Zoth Ommogh, Neil Smith, Karen Millman, David Harris, Heather Harris, Dr. Robert Johnson, Peggy Nadramia, Ruth Waytz, Boyd Rice, Steven Johnson Leyba, Stanton Lavey, M.A. Mandrake, Aden Ardennes, Raul Antony, Milton C. Cruver, and Darren Deicide.

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