“one of the most uncomfortable and cringe-inducing films to screen this year…
Crumb Catcher is an insanely impressive directorial feature debut for Skotchdopole.
It’s funny, bizarre, uncomfortable,
and an absolute cringe-fest for all the best reasons.
Skotchdopole has secured himself as a writer-director to keep an eye on,
as he continues to refine his skill and explore the depths of depravity
with a clever, humorous voice.”
Maggie Lovitt, COLIDER

“Deliciously Devious…
there’s plenty to fall head over heels for in the satisfying thriller.”
Stephen Saito, Moveable Feast

“begins as a cringe comedy and becomes a truly suspenseful thriller.
It is equally relentless at both.”
Fred Topel, UPI

pictured: Chris Skotchdopole and producer Chadd Harbold