Movieweb Dementer Review:
A Savage, Wild, Wonderful Psych-Out Flick

Dementer proves to be a pseudo-cinema verité, satanic psych-out hybrid style flick that encompasses a brutal escape from a fiendish cult.

Katie Groshong is exceptional as Katie as she shows off her wonderful acting range when she handles a complex character who is caring when lucid but, due to her brainwashing by a demonic cult, places her in an occasional trace-like state culminating in bizarre and disturbing rituals. Larry Fessenden is wonderfully creepy as the cult-leader Larry whose hearty charisma and heavy words which inhabit and bend Katie’s mind to his dark will is a disturbing delight.

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Larry Fessenden on Leading a Cult in DEMENTER, Onscreen Deaths & SXSW 2021

DC: You guys are having a bit of a reunion and obviously Katie was in Jug Face as well. Also, I didn’t realize until just recently that Stephanie is actually Chad’s sister which is so incredible.

LF: Well, when he would write to me and say I’m thinking of doing this thing, he wanted to involve his sister. That’s what I think is just so profound. This is not an opportunist, this is truly an artist. When you’re in the lower depths of horror and indie filmmaking, you meet such great talents that maybe aren’t going to be immediately swept up by the Hollywood machine. Chad is such a sensitive smart guy who’s really exploring some deep shit. So, I think when he wanted to work with his sister it was really to feel something and explore something. That’s why I said, ‘Sure, I’ll hop on a plane, man.’ He had the absurd impression that I would help his film get promotion. Most of all, I want to be part of these things that are, you know, obviously Harmony Korine or whoever. People who want to really push the envelope of what’s possible in storytelling.

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SHOCK YA! Exclusive:
Chad Crawford Kinkle Video Interview and Clip For Dementer

Showcasing the unique abilities of a diverse group of people, and how inherent evil can ultimately affect them all, is a powerful driving force in many films. Highlighting the harmful consequences of that corruption on the most innocent victims in horror movies can be an even more harrowing experience. That catastrophic aftermath is exhibited in veteran genre filmmaker Chad Crawford Kinkle’s latest horror feature, ‘Dementer,’ which is based around, and stars, his sister Stephanie, who has Down Syndrome.

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