From the director of JUG FACE comes a new nightmare featuring Fessenden

“bizarre, discomfiting
idiosyncratic, provocative, nimble”
—Rue Morgue

From Rue Morgue’s Review
“It’s a chilling journey—simultaneously more grounded in reality than JUG FACE and far, far more bizarre and discomfiting when it slips into the darkness. (It’s probably worth noting for the unfamiliar that both Groshong and Fessenden, who give extraordinarily naturalistic performances here, were in JUG FACE as well.) These narrative and aesthetic schisms are powerful and effective, keeping viewers off kilter in a way that is uncomfortable, yes, but also strangely enlightening.

“DEMENTER establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that JUG FACE was no fluke: Kinkle is an idiosyncratic, provocative, nimble filmmaker who eschews simple answers, and with every frame might as well be whispering in your ear: The only way out is through…”



Get the scoop on the release from Rue Morgue Magazine:
Dark Star Pictures gave us the word that they’ve picked up DEMENTER, from JUG FACE writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle, and have set a March 2 release on digital platforms. The movie stars Katie Groshong, Stephanie Kinkle, Brandy Edmiston, Eller Hall, Scott Hodges and indie fright auteur Larry Fessenden; the synopsis: “The film follows Katie [Groshong], a young woman who flees a backwoods cult and takes a job at a care center for special needs adults in her determination to do some good with her life. But despite her best intentions, Katie can’t escape the signs that ‘the devils’ are coming for Stephanie, a woman with Down syndrome she cares for (the filmmaker’s real-life sister Stephanie Kinkle), who keeps getting sicker despite Katie’s rituals to ward off evil spirits.”