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They’re coming to get you, Barbara!  Rob Kuhns’ BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD, GEP’s new doc on the making and impact of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, has been unleashed on DVD.

The Video TapeWorm on BOTLD (enter their giveaway for a copy of the film!):

“A long, long overdue documentary on George Romero and his wildly influential masterwork, 1968’s ”Night Of The Living Dead.” Whether you’re a fan of the man or not, whether you like/love/hate zombie movies/tv/games/etc., we guarantee you will enjoy watching George as a young college dropout, gathering a motley crew of Pittsburgh filmmaker-wannbes to accidental launch the multi-billion dollar zombie craze that’s still going strong 35 years later. Funny, touching, scary, enlightened, profound, silly and just plain entertaining has hell, this is officially our favorite doc of all time. Just buy the freakin’ thing…”

You can also see BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD on iTunes, Amazon Instant, and On Demand.