TWITCH Film publishes interview with Fessenden on the occasion of the release of BENEATH.

From the post:

Interviewing Larry Fassenden was a real treat. When Hollywood is plaguing the horror genre with remakes, 15 unwanted sequels and anything to make a quick 60 million bucks, this guy has been in front of and behind the camera in numerous independent projects, helping to keep the original idea alive. He’s also made some time to act alongside Bill Murray and get a credit in a Martin Scorsese movie.

I caught up with Fassenden to talk about his latest directing outing, Beneath, about a bunch of punk ass teens up shit creek without paddles. But that’s the least of their problems — there’s a giant fish with razor sharp teeth and an appetite for 12 swimming around them just aching for one (or all) of them to fall in the water.

He also spills his guts on his love for all things horror, and gives us a little taste of what to expect for his segment in the upcoming ABCs of Death 2.

Check out the full interview at Twitch Films.

BENEATH hits Blu-ray/DVD March 25th via Scream Factory.