We don’t have to imagine the consequences of environmental destruction, because movies like Waterworld, Snowpiercer, and Wall-E have already shown us

By Cindy White

On Earth Day, we’re encouraged to think about conservation and the actions we can take to help stop or reverse the damage. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of films to watch that dramatize what might happen should our efforts fail.

This atmospheric thriller set at a drilling site in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge is a quintessential example of the “eco-horror” genre, in which atrocities against nature are avenged via terrifying attacks on humans by natural or supernatural forces. In The Last Winter, director Larry Fessenden (Wendigo) uses the backdrop of the snowy tundra nearly as effectively as John Carpenter did in The Thing, while establishing a quieter, more dreamlike mood. It’s not clear exactly what the crew of environmental scientists and oil workers, led by Ron Perlman as the hard-headed chief of the operation, have awakened beneath the surface of the thinning arctic ice (thanks to warmer-than-normal temperatures), but as they slowly lose their minds, and their lives, it’s clear that something is out there and it is very angry with us.

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