Take An Outsider’s Look At Outsider Faith With Aram Garriga’s AMERICAN JESUS


“One of the more intriguing titles in this year’s Sitges Film Festival, American Jesus sees Barcelona based director Aram Garriga team with producer – and American indie icon – Larry Fessenden for a study of outsider faith in America. A look at those streams of Christianity that exist outside the mainstream – from the curiosities of the Cowboy Church to extreme charismatic snake handlers to elements that may be considered more insidious – Garriga provides an utterly compelling, remarkably balanced look at extreme faith in America.” READ THE POST

Sitges 2013 Review: AMERICAN JESUS, An Outside Look At The Fringe Faces Of Christianity


“… Garriga has made one of the best and most interesting documentaries on religion. It easily stands alongside other recent films on the subject, such as Jesus Camp, that try to understand how religious devotion can often take such strange and radical forms (in fact, that would be a great double bill). It’s the best kind of documentary: one that draws you into its story from the first minutes, and will leave you talking about it for hours after.”  READ THE REVIEW