Writer, Director and Producer (he acts, too! Quadruple threat!) Larry Fessenden has been behind some of the most original and talked about horror movies of the last decade – The Last Winter, House of the Devil, Stakeland, and Wendigo, amongst them. He’s also the creative force behind Beneath, out from Chiller Films this Tuesday, July 16 (It’s available On Demand and in select theaters, so its super easy to watch). To celebrate Beneath‘s release, we asked Larry to tell us his 13 favorite horror films. Here’s what Larry had to say:

“A list like this can never be complete because its purpose is never clear: is it to give insight into me? Or is it designed to prod you to see movies you otherwise wouldn’t? Because those would be different lists of course; One overflowing with well-worn classics, and one filled with clever obscure titles and odd surprises. Then there is the question of genre: strictly horror, or can we spill into neighboring territories like sic-fi and drama/comedy with scares? Jaws, District 9, Alien, Attack the Block, Shaun of the Dead, King Kong (1933, 2005) Godzilla, Them!, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956, 1978) — see there I go, trying to sneak a few other favorites onto the list. So, we’ll leave it at this: here are 13 films that have made an indelible impression on me and that I continue to draw from.