by Collin Henderson

Anthologies are notoriously difficult to get completely right, and that’s because in almost any form, be it books, movies, or even video games, you have multiple voices speaking at once, which can lead to severe whiplash. It’s why Trick R Treatis now a beloved Halloween classic; not only does every story absolutely deliver, but it has a sense of cohesiveness since only Michael Doughtery wrote and directed for it. It can be tough to decide what to watch when you’re presented with an anthology. It almost feels like taking some grand risk. Fear not, dear reader. The following are horror anthologies that I’ve found to be worth anyone’s time.


This was one I was skeptical about going into initially—I’ve been burned before on movies with lots of hype behind them. And granted, the amount of hype behind Southbound is relative to its indie roots, but still, the principle applies. Anyways, it kind of floored me the first time I saw it. Like others on this list, this movie features multiple directors and writers, but it has a sense of place and cohesiveness that rivals the best horror anthologies out there. In fact, I would argue the world and mood it creates is stronger than any individual story on offer.

Also, this movie has Larry Fessenden as a late-night radio DJ, and he steals the scene every time he shows up despite the fact that he doesn’t have a physical presence at all in the movie. That’s worth something.

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